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About Us

At Zenleaf Cannabis we’re more than a dispensary; we are family. Nestled on the west side of Albuquerque, our boutique-style dispensary offers a unique cannabis haven with quality cannabis products you deserve! Our commitment to revolutionizing the industry redefines the way you will experience purchasing cannabis. Knowledge, compassion, and top-tier quality care from our Cannaseurs will leave you with a warm heart and green smile.

Our Mission

The Zenleaf Cannabis way is to be more than a dispensary; we strive to be a guiding light in the cannabis community. We’re dedicated to providing high-quality experiences that transcend mere customer transactions you might experience across the city. Through education, compassion, and a curated selection of premium products; we aim to empower our customers with the knowledge and resources to use the plant the way it was intended to be used by our ancestors.


Why Choose Us

Zenleaf is your newest west-side neighborhood dispensary. From the moment you walk in, you will see the hard work we have put in to make your spot the only one. We have carefully selected our products so Albuquerque can get the quality it deserves. Our line of flowers boasts both indoor and outdoor grows; whether your goal is the highest THC content or to find the perfect terpene for your desired effect, we got you. We carry only the state’s best flower that yields the highest terpene content with perfect blends of Myrcene, Linalool, Pinene, Limonene, Caryophyllene, and more! Our concentrate selection is top tier with the state’s best partners that bring you live rosin and live resign to knock your socks off. Our disposable and 510 cart selection has all the strains you are looking for. Our rosin edible line is the quality your body, mind, and soul deserve. We have carefully selected a sleep line of tinctures, gummies, chocolates, capsules, and more to help you catch some Z’s.


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The Talk Around Town


Zenleaf transformed my cannabis journey! Their Cannaseur's expert guidance led me to the perfect strain for my chronic pain. The personalized attention and understanding I receive during every visit make me feel genuinely cared for and valued. It's not just a dispensary; it's a welcoming haven where I find products and a community that supports and guides me toward my wellness goals.


Mountaintop Edibles have become my go-to choice! Their dedication to using natural ingredients and ensuring precise dosing aligns perfectly with my health-conscious lifestyle. Trusting a brand with such a commitment to quality and consistency has elevated my edible experience, offering delicious treats and peace of mind.


Zenleaf's exceptional service and warm atmosphere make every visit memorable! Their personalized approach and genuine care make me feel like a cherished member of their cannabis family. It's more than a dispensary; it's a space where education meets comfort, offering guidance and a sense of belonging every step of the way.


The Educational Card Series by Zenleaf has been eye-opening! Through their insightful cards, I've gained extensive knowledge about cannabinoids and terpenes, enriching my understanding of cannabis. It's like having a comprehensive guide that accompanies my journey, helping me navigate and appreciate the intricate world of cannabis products.


Mountaintop's commitment to sustainability is truly commendable! Beyond their delightful edibles, their eco-conscious packaging speaks volumes about their values. Choosing a brand that aligns with my environmental concerns while delivering fantastic products has been an exceptional experience, adding depth and meaning to my cannabis indulgence.